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Twin Flames Living

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Colby and Keely are Twin Flames living in Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They overcame separation by following Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. Now Colby and Keely wish to share the teachings that brought them their Heaven on Earth with you.

Their Story

Colby and Keely met in 2017 and came into Union quickly. However, they did not understand the purpose and dynamic of their Twin Flame relationship and chose separation shortly 

thereafter. During their separation, Keely found Jeff and Shaleia's body of work, which focusses on Twin Flames as an ascension path to the Divine. Keely knew immediately that this work was the answer she had been looking for and quickly dedicated her life to it. After several months of no communication, Colby and Keely reconnected over the phone to share their spiritual progress with one another. Keely saw firsthand how this body of work had brought them much closer to Union. A few months later, Keely manifested a free trip across the country to see her Twin Flame, Colby. The reunion was incredible. It was like no time had passed, but the depth of their connection had expanded greatly. Shortly after, they made the choice to commit deeper to each other and choose Union once again, but this time it was aligned with Love. With the support of God and their beloved Twin Flames Universe community, Colby and Keely decided to continue moving deeper into Union. Keely packed all of her stuff up and moved across The United States to be with her one true love. After a month of searching for places to live, they finally found the perfect spot to start their forever life together.


"These past three weeks with Keely brought me closer to God than I ever thought I’d be! My Twin Flame and I are now communicating every day, hanging out regularly, and she also broke up with her boyfriend!"

Drake M.


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