Monday Group

Coaching Recordings

Seeing Past the "Hairbrush" Veil

Session #21 (12/02/19)

Angie's Dark Night Lesson: Choose God Over Everything

Session #22 (12/09/19)

Surrendering to Support and Receiving Your Abundance

Session #23 (12/16/19)

It's Ok if You're a "Mess"

Session #24 (12/23/19)

Drake Finds a Home for His Woman & Learns to Chill

Session #25 (12/30/19)

Letting Go of Whom You Think Your Twin Flame is

Session #26 (01/06/20)

Colby & Keely Get a New Car and How to Attract What You Really Want

Session #27 (01/13/20)

Breann Learns She is Enough for a Whole Lot of Love

Session #28 (01/20/20)

Discovering the Foundation of Life Purpose Work

Session #29 (01/27/20)

Letting God Go All-In With You

Session #30 (02/03/20)