Colby & Keely's Response to Vanity Fair's article on Twin Flames Universe

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Part 1: Science and Spirituality

In order for Alice Hines' hit piece on Jeff and Shaleia and Twin Flames Universe to be successful, it was imperative that she completely overlook what we actually do. The charade of the long-cast shadows, the pitiful story of the deranged criminal, all of these parlor-tricks would have been revealed if there was any sort of honest description of what we believe and practice. If the reader was given the smallest impression that we might actually be right about something, the whole cult facade would fall apart.

Alice Hines tried so hard to cover-up the fact that we are doing something significant and that it actually works. She wanted so badly to make us into these evil, brainwashed idiots so that we could fit in her convenient little box. If she had actually investigated, Hines would have found that we have a proven methodology for arriving at the conclusions that we do and an effective procedure for putting the findings from our spiritual practices to use in our lives. This leads to actual lasting effects, not a momentary high that you come crashing down from and then need a cult to get you up again. What we teach actually empowers each individual to think for themselves and draw power from their own PERSONAL relationship with God, and then build THEMSELVES up.

In fact, practicing spirituality in the way that we are is essentially the same as being a scientist. We perform experiments, record our findings, and integrate what is proven into our understanding of the universe. Religions throughout history have been studying how to be fulfilled as humans. This is the exact same process as science.

Generally speaking, the purpose of science is to find observable patterns that are integral to the fabric of the universe. When patterns are discovered, the discoveries are then put to use to better our understanding of the world and our experience of it.

Spirituality is very similar: spirituality is the science of finding fulfillment. We learn how to connect with our innermost selves and solve the problems that stand in our way of being truly happy. This is a science that has been practiced and refined for many, many centuries.

In spirituality, we essentially study ourselves and how we relate to the universe. This brings about great wisdom and enlightenment because we repeatedly find, without fail, that the world is good and God loves us very much. At the core of every problem is a solution with a beauty that we would never have found if we did not have the methodology to address it correctly. Just like science.

And just like science, spirituality has developed ways to examine the universe and find the patterns that knit its fabric together. These findings are then communicated and broadcast widely for the betterment of all. Anyone can access the teachings and discover the truth that it points to. The teachings and the methodologies are not the truth itself, but merely a means of finding the truth. No matter who you are, you can pick up the practices and find the truth for yourself because the practices are based on truths that are universal and observable by anyone. You just have to know how to get there, you have to know how to “do the math.”

There truly is little difference between scientists such as Einstein and Tesla and yogis such as Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar. They were simply observing and commenting on different parts of reality.

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Like these masters, we all have the capacity to ascertain deeper truths about the universe. Spirituality teaches us how to access this part of ourselves, and then how to cultivate and refine it. The key is to trust that your ability to be creative is actually a vector through which the universe communicates with you. How this looks for each person is dependent on that person. One person can channel their creativity through art, another through science, and another through writing. It is unique to your character and your life purpose. If you are being creative and accessing that part of yourself, you are actively advancing both our understanding of and our relationship with the universe as a society. Spirituality trains you to trust and develop your connection with yourself and with the universe.

Without cultivating this ability to be creative, our sciences and society will definitely perish. This is why we must integrate a spiritual method into our ways of interacting with the world. Doing so will ensure that we are basing our societal systems on patterns that occur everywhere in nature, for these patterns are tried and true, are they not? Spirituality provides the means to understand these patterns and interpret them in a way that can be applied to our experience as humans. This is done through the imagination and through being creative. That is your connection with God, and we all have it.

Just as everyone has their own ability to be creators, we all have the subject or discipline through which we are meant to create. We call this your life purpose. God created each of us with a unique life purpose so that we may all be fulfilled while utilizing our creative energy. Think about it: if everybody was doing everything, there would be no harmony, it would just be chaos. But just as every species in a forest has their own specific, yet critical role to play, so we all have our own fields of expertise and influence.

This is what a utopian society looks like: everybody is totally secure in being exactly themselves, while everyone’s personal expression complements and harmonizes with everyone else’s. Every job is done and everyone is happy. Spirituality is the science of discovering who you are and how you can fulfill your purpose. Just like science, it has been extensively experimented with for thousands of years by dedicated inquirers. And just like science, the catalogues of these experiments and their results are widely available to the common person.

This is what we are trying to create: a utopian society.

In order to create this, however, we must begin with our personal relationship with the world. This is where a spiritual practice becomes important. Spirituality is a gateway to getting to know yourself and your relationship with the universe. Unionism is exactly like any other genuine spiritual discipline in this way, e.g. Buddhism and Christianity. We just do it a little differently. We have a new, creative way of going about it.

Is it just because we’re not widely known that you think we are wrong, Vanity Fair? And you don’t need to give it a second glance before you make your judgement? Or is it simply that you think you can capitalize on the fact that we are not powerful and influential in society (yet) by attempting to bully us and marginalize us while you make a profit off buzzword click-bait? I shudder to think of the society that thinks this way. For this will certainly lead to its decay and death. If we no longer value revolutionaries and creative thinkers, if we no longer value change and growth, our society no longer has any ground to stand on, for this is one of the principles of the universe that allows us to connect with it. Without this, we stagnate, and just like anywhere in nature where there is stagnation, we will decay and die.

You see, Alice Hines and Vanity Fair are trying to lead us down a dark alley that only has a snuffed-out death at the end of it. This kind of approach to the world and this kind of journalism is exactly what leads to dystopian societies. This kind of media is akin to the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany. They are trying to silence us because we have something different to say, and then profit from our marginal status and (falsely) perceived inability to defend ourselves. This degree of insidious intent is a menace to society and cannot be overlooked.

Fortunately for us, we have the truth on our side, for we have taken the time to carefully get to know what the truth is. We have meditated, reflected, and meditated some more. WE have honestly inquired, only coming to a conclusion when every single detail has been scrutinized and vetted. WE are the meticulous, dutiful scientists, quietly studying reality in hopes of helping anyone that will listen. WE are the noble heirs to the earth, and we claim our place in its beautiful harmony.

Our system will not be toppled, for it is built on universal truths and patterns. And even if anything we do or believe is proven wrong, we will happily listen and change our beliefs and actions accordingly. For we want nothing, we value nothing, but truth, and this is what we stand for.

So, Alice Hines and Vanity Fair, before you start blasting us and trying to ruin our reputations, maybe you should actually learn what we do. Maybe you should take the time to actually know what you are talking about. Otherwise, you just look like you’re trying to fuck over the human race.

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