In this product, you will receive a personalized reading designed to help you balance all areas in your life with support from the Earth Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each Earth Element represents specific aspects in your Life that are essential for building a healthy foundation on Earth.

Each element represents different aspects in your life:

1.) Earth

⁃ Financial

⁃ Physical

⁃ Life Purpose


2.) Air

⁃ Mental health

⁃ Communication through thought

⁃ Clarity


3.) Fire

⁃ Creative and sexual expression

⁃ Passion and power

⁃ Change and transformation


4.) Water

⁃ Emotional health

⁃ Intuition

⁃ Communication through feelings


Grounding with the Elements is a six-page reading which will detail exactly where you are imbalanced and how to create perfect harmony in all areas of your life.

I have carefully selected six card decks that correspond with each element. Using the card decks, I then do a reading for each of the elements and what they represent in your life.


You will also receive a channeled message from Earth to support you in deepening your foundation and a channeled list of crystals and plants to support each element in your life.


All aspects of the reading are designed to help you establish a healthy and balanced foundation for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


A healthy foundation fills you up and provides the necessary support for your perfect Heaven on Earth. Are you willing to give this to yourself and your Twin Flame?

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Grounding with the Elements