In this Package, you will receive four unique and valuable items:


Sensual Energy Twin Flame Reading 

  • In-depth energy reading of four aspects of your Twin Flame Union: 
  1. Intimacy

  2. Romance

  3. Sex

  4. Relationship


Upheaval Support Meditation 

  • A meditation to support you through upheaval you may experience as you go deeper in claiming the sex and romance you truly desire.


Self-Care Guide for Romance Attraction 

  • A thorough guide to caring for yourself and cultivating deep love and appreciation.


4-part Twin Flame Sexual Healing Video Series (40 MINS OF VIDEO CONTENT!)

  • The Purpose of Sex in your Union

  • How to Have Sex with your Twin Flame

  • Healing Blocks in your Sexual Union

  • How to Cultivate Sexual Attraction


Our Twin Flame Sex and Romance Package is only $69 and has everything you need to lead you into deeper intimacy and romance.


You deserve support as you claim your Divine sexual and romantic relationship with your One True Love. Give yourself the support you both need and deserve by purchasing our Twin Flame Sex and Romance Package. 

Twin Flame Romance Package