"Working with Keely has been one of the most life changing events ever. At the beginning of our healing sessions, my Twin Flame and I were not talking, after the first initial session I cleared some blocks using the Mirror Exercise, and my Twin Flame reached out to me.

These past three weeks with Keely have brought me closer to God than I ever thought I’d be! My Twin Flame and I are now communicating every day, hanging out regularly, and she also broke up with her boyfriend! I never thought I would experience such fast results, but it shows that doing the work with the Mirror Exercise and commitment to this journey pays off!"

Drake M.

"I just started my coaching sessions with Keely! She's amazing and it was a LOT different than my previous coaching experiences. Without much interaction prior to this—she INSTANTLY knew my core upsets. She gently pointed out my upsets and lovingly walked me through each one into peace. It was AMAZING!!

I've been drawn to her a LONG time, and I'm so pumped she has gone ALL IN with her Twin Flame coaching business. I love Keely and Colby's Twin Flame Story and I feel honored to be working with Twin Flames in Harmonious Twin Flame Union!

Working with a Twin Flame Coach is a vital asset for me on my journey and I'm absolutely BLESSED to have Keely as my Twin Flame Coach! If you are interested in one-on-one Coaching—I'd schedule with her NOW!!❤️🔥"

Chrissy K.

Coaching with Colby and Keely has been essential while on our Twin Flame journey. We both received individual Coaching while in a state of separation, not even realizing we were true Twin Flames. We feel extremely nurtured and safe during our healing sessions. It truly feels like a sanctuary of peace as we dive deep into the inner healing. Keely was a huge part of the unfolding and coming together of our Harmonious Union. She gently guided us every step of the way and continues to do so as we deepen into our Union.  


Being coached by Colby and Keely feels very soothing, fun, and easy. Keely takes any blocks, whether big or small, and seamlessly assists you in dissolving them in such a gentle manner. We absolutely recommended working with Colby and Keely! 

Adam & Breann Price-Sand

“I had the distinct honor of work with Keely in a one-on-one session last weekend, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. 😇 I was instantly comfortable with her. Besides having a rapport with her before our session, Keely is just one of those people that puts you at ease right away. She emanates serenity, depth, and compassion, and so it was very easy for me to open up and pour my heart out to her with her just saying the words, "So what's going on with you?"

It was a relief to talk to and work with her. We explored a lot of emotional territory during our hour session, and we went very deep very fast. She was able to help me understand and gain clarity on my recent encounter with my Twin Flame and helped me see how it was a very beautiful thing, even though it hadn't turned out the way I wanted it to. She helped me see what he was mirroring to me and how amazing our relationship is even with where it is right now, because it's so clear that we both want the other to be the very best we can possibly be.

She helped me reframe what I've experienced with him so that I could see the true love there, and helped me stop placing such a strong emphasis on how much "time" we have spent together and how much 'time' has passed since I last saw him. She's real good at seeing where you are held up and what's weighing you down. She led me though an expansive marathon of Mirror Exercising and deep childhood wounding came up to be healed, which she walked me through tenderly and easily. 

Keely is a very gifted and intuitive coach and a wonderful listener. She surrendered the session totally to God and moved so peacefully wherever He lead us during the session that it made it easy for me to surrender as well. I learned a lot, not just from the words she said, but from her presence. The way she responded to my blocks and her also sharing some of her experience being in Harmonious Union with Colby. 

It was an honor to working with you Keely. Thank you for being all that you are. I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future. And thank you Colby for supporting Keely in being able to offer her gift." 

Deanna P.

"I just had my first coaching session with Keely and Colby. It was really incredible. I love seeing them together and experiencing their own flavor of Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Their power is quiet and peaceful. They really helped me go to the next level by teaching me to invite my inner child to come out of hiding when I was healing upsets. I realized that sometimes when I did the Mirror Exercise in certain situations, I was just trying to love myself even though I couldn’t find my inner child. Inviting her to come out has made ALL the difference. I’m so happy! I feel better than I ever have. I really feel like I can conquer anything now. They were so incredibly helpful, and they definitely helped me move to the next level in my spiritual work. I feel more peaceful and grounded now than I ever have before. Thank you SO much!!!"

Christina F.

"Keely is my perfect coach! She introduced me to the Twin Flame Journey and has been coaching me, supporting me, and loving me through out it all. She is super aligned with God and it really shows. God speaks through her and tells me exactly what I need to hear. She sees my upsets so clearly and is able to dismantle my fears in no time at all. She always guides me deeper and deeper into love.

By working with her, I have been able to release sooo much fear to find inner peace and freedom in God’s love. One of the key lessons Keely embodies and teaches is to cultivate a relationship with God first. By cultivating this beautiful relationship with God I was able to meet my Twin Flame. We are now in Union and she is coaching us both into Harmonious Union and she is absolutely amazing at it! The connection I share with my Twin Flame is only growing stronger. I’m sooo extremely grateful to have Keely as my coach! I love her so much!!!"

Marlee G.

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